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With so many DJ's how do I select one ?   6.24.2019

Congratulations on your recent engagement now the fun begins. You will be over whelmed with the staggering amount of various wedding vendors in your area. With Hundreds of DJ services, & literally thousands of Photographers, etc. how do you even begin trying to select the right one that fits your budget and your wedding night vision ?  Every vendor will have different take on this but here is mine.

 First set a budget. How much is the entertainment portion of the evening worth to you ?  remember your guest's come to witness your wedding vows, then to congratulate you, then to sit down for a meal then for the next four or more hours they stay to dance and celebrate.  Besides the wedding ceremony  the wedding dance portion of the evening is the second most important part of your wedding day.  No one will remember what the cake tasted like or what they ate for dinner five years later but they will remember the fun they had dancing all night.  So when calculating a budget put more financial emphasis on the DJ. Cheap DJ's are not good & Good DJ's are not cheap.

Hiring the right entertainment vendor is the key to a truly successful wedding celebration. So what should you look for in a DJ ?  So many factors need to be considered.

1. Reviews. Do they have real, verified reviews ?  Most professional wedding  entertainment services use a website called WeddingWire or The Knot. Many of these entertainers pay to be an advertising member of these websites. WeddingWire & the Knot does their due diligence to make sure that the reviews that are left for the vendors are real reviews & not fictitious. Unlike Facebook & Google reviews where friends and family of the vendors can leave good & bad fake reviews.  only about one in four or five clients will take the time to actually write a WeddingWire/The Knot review so the more reviews a vendor has can be a really good indicator of how many years they have been in business & how many wedding they actually have done over the years.  Myself I have 150 reviews on WeddingWire almost all of them are  five stars.  WeddingWire began allowing clients to post reviews in 2008. With the first couples choice awards being awarded in 2009. My DJ service has received a couples choice award each of those years but one. Every year WeddingWire awards the Couples’ Choice Award ® to top local wedding professionals based solely on reviews from you! These vendors are top scorers across the board in quality, service, responsiveness, and professionalism.

2. How much experience does a vendor have & why should that be important to you ?  In the wedding industry the amount of experience a vendor has is a real added value. The same goes for every other industry. Would rather your auto mechanic is fresh out of tech school or would you prefer to have an automotive technician that has been in the business for twenty five years ?  or would you prefer a Doctor with many years of experience ?  Myself I have been a professional Wedding DJ for over 26 years. I have single handedly provided entertainment at close to  one thousand weddings since 1993. Yes I have literally see it all. With experience comes wisdom plus the ability to be flexible since even the most well laid out plan can have a glitch from time to time & the DJ needs to be able to roll with it. The ability to "read the crowd" to know what songs to play & when  does not come over night or even in a few years. That ability comes over many years & a DJ with that ability can make or break the evenings celebration. When searching for a DJ try not to be fooled with the long winded high pressure sales pitch or the pictures of the grand set up the DJ offers. Find out how much actual experience the DJ has because anyone with a credit card can order the biggest most flashy equipment. A DJ services equipment while it's very important to have top shelf professional grade Audio & lighting equipment that should not be the only factor you consider.

3. Is the DJ a full time professional ? and why is that important to you ? 
Another thing to consider does the DJ entertainment service I am considering for my wedding day do this as a full time profession. Myself  I do this as a full time profession so you the client are  my sole employment priority. A full time DJ is also able to meet with a client any time of the day or evening for consultations.  A full time professional will strive to make the selection & hiring process convenient for you the client. Now I am not saying you should not hire a part time DJ as I know many that are excellent entertainers & you would be lucky to have them at your wedding. Just do your homework.

4. Do they treat you like just another customer or do they treat you like a highly valued client  ? 
 I have always lived by the saying. Treat people the way you would want to be treated. Over the years many of my past clients have become good friends with many of them are friends on my personal facebook page. I always treat my clients like valued human beings not just another payday walking through my door. I believe in honesty & I won't tell my clients what they want to hear to merely book the event. In this line of work building relationships is key. 

I hope you liked my first attempt at Blogging. If you have any questions please always feel free to contact me. I am here to help  even if I don't book you.  Cheers !

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